Alexandrah (Waves)

Alexandrah Noshiihaidoe (19 Years Old)

Alex (Chapter 21)

Alexandrah Noshiihaidoe (21 Years Old)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Alexandrah Noshiihaidoe
  • Debut : Chapter 9
  • Affiliations : FlameThrowers
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Alex
  • Epithet : "Nitro Slayer"
  • "FlameThrower Noshiihaidoe"
  • Age : Chapter Nine (19)
  • Chapter Twenty One (21)
  • Birthday : July 18, 1991
  • Height : (5'10)
  • Weight : 200 lbs
  • Hair Color : Aqua Green
  • Skin Color : Golden Yellow
  • Eye Color : Aqua Green
  • Race : Halian
  • Planet : Hale
  • Signature Attack : "Danto-Jutsu"

Alexandrah Noshiihaidoe is a contestant in the Universe Tournament who joined forces with Glory and the FlameThrowers in order to help them take down Almighty. It's revealed that Alex had some sort of agreement with Almighty before the tournament began that entailed him helping her kill the remaining Nitro Dragons on her home planet. Her new agreement has been formed with Glory, and now she is helping him take out Almighty so that he can help her kill the Nitro in the future.

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Alex eating food Dolfin prepared.

Origin Edit

Alexandrah Noshiihaidoe was born on the planet Hale which is located in the north side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Hale was once home to two different species of beings, which were the Halians and the Vamollins, but when the dragon god Owatatsumi arrived on the planet, 40 years prior to the Universe Tournament (1971), he and his five Nitro Dragons eradicated the Vamollin species in a matter of four years. Soon after the Vamollins were comepletely wiped out, Owatatsumi decided he would claim Hale as his territory and have his five Nitro Dragons stay on the planet to etablish order so that no Halian could ever rebel against him. The Halians didn’t like the idea of a god ruling over them and many tried to overcome the Nitro Dragons, but every single Halian that did was completely annihilated and if there was more than one from the same village/town who tried to rebel against Owatatsumi’s rule, the entire town was destroyed by a single Nitro Dragon.

Major Battles Edit

  • Deyna : (Defeated) Chapter 17

Family Edit

  • Gallaxandrah Noshiihaidoe ; Mother
  • Mallix Noshiihaidoe ; Father
  • Alyssandrah Kover ; Aunt (Mother)