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Glory is the self appointed leader and creator of the FlameThrowers. Star was the second person to join the FlameThrowers but truthfully she is one of the founders as well because without her Glory wouldn't have been in the position to create the group. Dolfin joined the FlameThrowers after Glory and Star came to her while in the room garden and asked if she wanted to help them take out Almighty. Dolfin might not have joined if it wasn't for Glory getting destroyed by Almighty earlier that day, she thought it was a little funny but she knew Glory was serious about taking out Almighty from that incident and she wants to help him do it. Machiavelli joined the FlameThrowers because he shares similar goals with Glory, He was planning on taking out Almighty but he feels as though Glory will be the one to actually do it so he's here to make sure that happens. Alexandrah joined the FlameThrowers after asking Glory during the third round of the tournament. She wanted to help Glory take down Almighty, but also wants her favor returned in the future. Leohvin isn't a official member of the FlameThrowers because he still considers himself a North Rebel, but Glory doesn't care, he says Leo is a FlameThrower....

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  • Makenzie
FlameThrowers (Vol 2, Pt 2)

Leohvin / Dolfin / Glory / Star / Alex

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