Dana Mango

Dana in the forest with Kiyoshi

Biography Edit

  • Name : Dana Mango
  • Debut : Chapter 8 (Flashback)
  • Affiliations : N/A
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Dana
  • Epithet : N/A
  • Age : Chapter Eight Flashback (19)
  • Birthday : September 4, 1952
  • Height : (5'9)
  • Weight : 164 lbs
  • Hair Color : Aqua Green
  • Skin Color : Light Brown
  • Eye Color : Aqua Green
  • Race : Loshiunn
  • Planet : Loshe
  • Signature Attack : N/A
Dana Mango (17 Years Old)

Dana Mango (17 Years Old)

Chapter 8 (Flashback) Edit

(40 years prior to the Universe Tournament) (1971)

(East Side of the Milky Way Galaxy)

Kiyoshi Akihiro was asked by a man named Semark Doecoola to retrieve a legendary blade from the planet Loshe. Kiyoshi agreed only because Semark told him it would be an exciting adventure, and that he would tell Kiyoshi how to find a man named Sensei Wolf if he found the sword. Kiyoshi told his girlfriend Pheebi that he would be back soon from his trip to Loshe and left his home planet of Lefos to find the legendary blade for Semark.

When Kiyoshi arrived on Lohse (Shiruba City) he decided to get something to eat before starting his search, he went to a fairly popular restaurant in the city and ordered a bunch of food. A local girl named Dana Mango noticed Kiyoshi eating his large portion of food and asked if he was interested in eating at her table, Kiyoshi didn't understand why she would make such a request but agreed to eat with her. Dana told Kiyoshi she'd never met a lefosan before and was curious about why he was on Loshe. Kiyoshi told Dana that he was looking for a legendary blade on the planet and wanted to find it quick because he really wanted to get information about the location of a man named Sensei Wolf. After Kiyoshi said this many people in the restaurant started starring at him and Dana which made Dana tell Kiyoshi that they should leave the restaurant immediately. Kiyoshi didn't want to leave because he hadn't finished eating but Dana grabbed him and pulled him out of the restaurant, but when the two of them got outside there were three guys dressed in white waiting for them.

Dana didn't like the sight of these three and told Kiyoshi that they were here because he was talking so loud about a legendary blade in the restaurant, Kiyoshi didn't particularly care so he decided to just start his search for the blade. The leader of the three guys dressed in white said that they were law enforcement officers here to apprehend Kiyoshi and Dana for conspiracy regarding the legendary blade, they were in the restaurant when Kiyoshi was talking about it and wanted to put him in custody. Kiyoshi simply continued to walk away from the police until they started mentioning how Dana was taken to jail for spreading rumors about the location of the blade a couple weeks ago. Dana had been detained several times for speaking out about the supposed blade and how it was somewhere close to Shiruba City, and how local law enforcement didn't want people to know about it for some reason. This got Kiyoshi's attention and he walked back over to Dana and asked her if she'd help him find the blade. Dana immediately said yes but the police told the two they weren't going anywhere, one officers then grabbed Dana and told her she was under arrest, forcing her to the ground. The second officer grabbed Kiyoshi and tried forcing him to the ground but couldn't even manage to move his arm away from his body, Kiyoshi then told the three officers that him and Dana were leaving and if they didn't want to get hurt they would allow them to do so. The leader of the the two arresting officers then told his partners to focus on apprehending Kiyoshi, Dana was handcuffed on the ground and now both lower officers were approaching Kiyosh, as soon as Kiyoshi figured they wouldn't quit he decided to send out a huge shock wave from his body which sent all three officers flying in different directions, knocking them all unconscious. Once the officers were gone Kiyoshi picked Dana up off the ground and broke her handcuffs with his bare hands, he then said "Now that that's over, let's go find that sword" and the two of them started heading out of of the city towards the near by forest.

Right before Kiyoshi and Dana enter the forest, Dana comes out and admits she'd been making up the rumors of there being a "legendary blade" on Loshe just to get attention. She also admitted that she started making up these lies because one night she saw something shoot across the sky and it seemed to look like a blade of some sort, but once authorities started harassing her she'd started to believe her rumors but never truly knew what the object was. Kiyoshi then looked Dana in the eyes and said "Well, my friend told me to look for a blade on this planet and he's not a liar as far as I know, looks like your lies were true after all, and if you say what you saw landed in this forest then that's the best place to look". Dana didn't know why Kiyoshi trusted her after admitting she'd been lying but she decided to continue on with Kiyoshi to help him find what he was looking for.

(The events that follow can be found in the Chapter 8 Flashback)

Kiyoshi saves Dana

Kiyoshi saves Dana in the forest

After Kiyoshi finishes powering up into his Alpha Mode he tells Rai'von to come at him and Gryphon can attack at the same time if he wants to. Rai'von tells Gryphon he can try fighting Kiyoshi first just to see what the lefosan is actually capable of, Gryphon then charges Kiyoshi and tries a barrage of physical attacks but Kiyoshi dodges all of them, Gryphon then tries an energy based physical attack but Kiyoshi is quick to counter with his Jager technique and ends up sending Gryphon crashing through multiple boulders in the underground cove. Rai'von is beyond shocked at this point and tries to use a high speed technique to escape but Kiyoshi can see Rai'von moving and grabs him while he's moving faster than the speed of sound. Kiyoshi then looks at Rai'von and says "If you didn't threaten my friend Dana then I might have let you leave, but you crossed me, and I can tell you've done horrible things to other people in your past" then Kiyoshi incinerates Rai'von, leaving nothing but ash on the cove ground.

Dana (underground cove)

Dana in the underground cove

After Kiyoshi defeated Rai'von he flew back over to where Dana was, once he found her he grabbed her and flew out of the underground cove. Once he got outside the cove Kiyoshi told Dana it wasn't safe for her to be down there, Dana asked him what happened and why it looked like he was covered in flames but Kiyoshi told her he'd be right back after he found the legendary blade (Kiyoshi saw the blade while flying back to retrieve Dana). Kiyoshi then went back in the cove, grabbed the blade, and shot right back out of the underground cove in a matter of seconds only to see a woman aiming an arrow at Dana's head at point blank range. The woman told Kiyoshi to think before he tried to intervene because her reflexes were much better than his, and she could let the arrow pierce Dana's skull and kill her before Kiyoshi got close enough to save her. Kiyoshi didn't want to believe her but also didn't want to gamble with Dana's life on the line, so he asked her what she wanted instead. The woman told Kiyoshi she wanted the blade in exchange for Dana's life, Kiyoshi had a feeling this would happen but agreed to it. Kiyoshi flew down and put the sword on the ground, anxious to make a move, the woman then shot an arrow near the blade and it exploded, causing a giant smoke cloud to form, Kiyoshi immediately ignited into Alpha Mode and grabbed Dana then shot up into the sky to try and figure out which direction the archer was headed in. After thirty seconds Dana suggested she was probably already out of the area and Kiyoshi had no choice but to agree since he couldn't spot her. At this point Kiyoshi knew he would have to return to Semark without the blade, and he was irritated at the fact he wouldn't learn about Sensei Wolf, but out of all of this he was happy he made a friend on the planet Loshe. Dana Mango.

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