Dolfin (Flannel)

Dolfin (Color Spread Chp 18)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Kakelly Nogaza
  • Debut : Chapter 6
  • Affiliations : FlameThrowers
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Dolfin
  • Epithet : "Liquid Wolf"
  • Age : Chapter Six (19)
  • Birthday : November 29, 1991
  • Height : (5'10)
  • Weight : 154 lbs
  • Hair Color : Sky Blue
  • Skin Color : Sand
  • Eye Color : Jade Green
  • Race : Vaporsun
  • Planet : Vapor
  • Signature Attack : "Ha Kami Sori"

Kakelly "Dolfin" Nogaza is a contestant in the Universe Tournament who has joined forces with Glory and is now apart of Glory's team he calls FlameThrowers. Little has been shown about Dolfin's past but her intentions seem to be with aiding Glory at all costs, she even fights along side him against another contestant in the second round of the tournament. Dolfin does mention her younger brother "Keller" and how she wants to find her parents with him when the tournament ends...

Kakelly Nogaza-1

Kakelly "Dolfin" Nogaza

Dolfin's swordsmanship was taught to her by her parents mostly but there was a time where she was training herself and this is when she fully developed her Liquid Wolf sword style. She is better with using only one blade at a time but she is currently getting used to two swords, she owns two blades but in chapter 8 she tells Glory she lost her other sword before the tournament started.

Dolfin on Vapor

Dolfin on her home planet "Vapor"

Currently... Dolfin is in the Room Garden fighting alongside Alexandrah.

Family Edit

  • Keller Nogaza ; Brother
  • Keller Nogaza

    Keller Nogaza (Dolfin's younger brother)

    ??? ; Mother
  • ??? ; Father

Major Battles Edit

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