Welcome to the FlameThrowers Wiki

Hello and welcome to the 'FlameThrowers Wiki' where you can dive deeper into the graphic novel 'FlameThrowers' that was created by Brian Taylor in July of 2011. As the story progresses, this wiki page will fill up with more and more information!! **CONTAINS SPOILERS!!**

Where to buy FlameThrowers

  • Capital Comics, 207 Main Street/Annapolis, MD

    'FlameThrowers' in Capital Comics

  • Fantom Comics, 2010 P Street NW/Washington, DC

    'FlameThrowers' in Fantom Comics

  • Third Eye Comics, 2027 West Street/Annapolis, MD

    'FlameThrowers' in Third Eye Comics

  • Big Planet Comics, 1520 U Street NW/Washington, DC

'FlameThrowers' in Big Planet Comics

What is FlameThrowers???

FlameThrowers is the story of a seventeen year old kid named "Glory" who one night while chillin' with his friends witnesses aliens coming to earth. One of the aliens lands close to Glory and his friends, and that is where the story begins....

Graphic Novel

FlameThrowers (Volume 1)

  1. Glory Days
  2. Death Star
  3. Hospital
  4. Alpha Mode
  5. The Tournament Begins
  6. Firestarter
  7. Liquid Wolf
  8. Ignite
  9. Saeglopur
  10. Ladies And Gentlemen

FlameThrowers (Volume 2)

  1. Calm Down
  2. Rock Diesel
  3. Dragon Slayer
  4. Neo Reaper Hell
  5. Inferno
  6. SSO
  7. Big Bad Wolf
  8. Brother
  9. Tyrannosaurus (current)


Current Arc : Universe Tournament

- The Universe Tournament is a competition that's being hosted on the planet earth by a being named Almighty. Twenty five beings of different species have been brought together to compete in this tournament, Glory wasn't originally apart of the count but due to the events that took place he is now a competitor in the tournament. The prize for winning the tournament has yet to be revealed but as of right now the only prize is keeping your home world alive since Almighty has threatened to destroy every losers home planet.


FlameThrowers (SQUAD)

FlameThrowers (Arc #1)

Release Schedule

  • FlameThrowers (Volume 1, Part 1) *OUT NOW*
  • FlameThrowers (Volume 1, Part 2) *OUT NOW*
  • FlameThrowers (Volume 2, Part 1) *OUT NOW*
  • FlameThrowers (Volume 2, Part 2) 2016
  • FlameThrowers (Volume 3, Part 1) N/A

FlameThrowers (Online Merch Store)

- The official online merch store for FlameThrowers is live!!! Shirts, Buttons, Posters, Stickers, and more are available now and currently this is the only place you can get some. Check out the store today and try not to buy everything because the next volume should be releasing pretty soon!!!


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