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Biography Edit

  • Name : N/A
  • Debut : Chapter 9
  • Affiliations : FlameThrowers
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Machiavelli
  • Epithet : "FlameThrower Machiavelli"
  • Age : Chapter Nine (20)
  • Birthday : August 24, 1991
  • Height : (6'2)
  • Weight : 170 lbs
  • Hair Color : N/A
  • Skin Color : Black/White
  • Eye Color : Cerulean
  • Race : Cherrum
  • Planet : Chherish
  • Signature Attack : N/A

Machiavelli came to compete in the universe tournament via invitation from Almighty himself, two years ago. What happened that made Machiavelli want to compete and listen to Almighty is still unknown, but now he has joined Glory, Star, and Dolfin and became a FlameThrower.

Universe Tournament Edit

Machiavelli tells Glory when he first meets him that he too wants to take down Almighty, he also tells Dolfin as they're escaping the reach of Neo Eight that he wanted to take out Almighty ever since he visited Machiavelli's home planet two years prior to the Universe Tournament.

Machiavelli has an ability that allows him to harden his skin to the same consistency as solid steel. He calls this technique "Steel Diesel" and has used it to hold the sharp side of Rivora's katana in order to distract him from Glory and Dolfin's attacks, and he's also used it to increase his strength when attempting to attack Kane Veshno'Kabrah.
Eight and velli

Machiavelli grabs Rivora's katana (Steel Diesel)

Machiavelli is the only contestant known to bring his own food to the tournament, he even shares this food with the FlameThrowers when they all get back from the forest. Star guesses that it might be "Sode' Fir Shuka" which is a form of steak that can be found on most planets in the north side of the milky way galaxy, but she's unsure if it really is or not but this doesn't stop the FlameThrowers from eating all of it.

Dolfin eating food from Machiavelli

Dolfin eating food Machiavelli provided