Deyna Moneii

Deyna Moneii

Biography Edit

  • Name : Deyna Moneii
  • Debut : Chapter 8
  • Affiliations : Neo Reapers ; Red Lupus Army
  • Occupations : Intelligence Officer RLA
  • Alias : Neo Six ; Deyna-Six
  • Epithet : "Heart Stabber Neo"
  • Age : Chapter One (26)
  • Birthday : N/A
  • Height : (6'0)
  • Weight : 155 lbs
  • Hair Color : Harvest Gold
  • Skin Color : Bleach White
  • Eye Color : Pink
  • Race : Candid
  • Planet : Moth
  • Signature Attack : "San Kyu"

Deyna Moneii was recruited into the Neo Reapers by a man named Koii Rollendo (Commander Of The Red Lupus Army) five years prior to the Universe Tournament. She was found on a planet called Blastiff and joined the ranks of Neo Reaper as soon as she learned Kazaro Okami was the leader of the Red Lupus Army. Apparently, Kazaro had something to do with why she was on the planet Blastiff, this is something she wanted to learn more about but never got around to it because she had too much fun doing her job which eventually led her to forget being on Blastiff all together.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 9.45.05 AM

Deyna on Blastiff, 5 years before the tournament

Deyna Moneii developed her signature "San Kyu" technique while she was on the planet Blastiff. Ever since then she's been upgrading it and making it more lethal as time passed. At full power she has the ability to wipe of anything in a six mile radius with this technique.
Deyna (San-Kyu)

Deyna using her "San Kyu" technique inside the Room Garden lobby.

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