Nicholas (18 Years Old)

Nicholas (CHP 21)

Nicholas (19 Years Old) (Welko Arc)

Biography Edit

  • Name : Nicholas Byrd
  • Debut : Chapter 1
  • Affiliations : North Rebels
  • Occupations : N/A
  • Alias : Laos
  • Epithet : "North Rebel Laos"
  • Age : Chapter One (18)
  • Chapter Twenty One (19)
  • Birthday : May 15, 1993
  • Height : (5'7)
  • Weight : 135 lbs
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Skin Color : Light Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Race : Human
  • Planet : Earth
  • Signature Weapon : P99 Pistol

Nicholas has been Glory's best friend since middle school. When they got to high school Nicholas, Glory, and Chris would frequently hang out with each other along with some of their other friends from school. A week prior to the night (June 29, 2011) the tournament events began, Glory and Nicholas were talking about possibly starting to begin recording music and rapping, but obviously they never got around to doing that because of the aliens raining from the sky and the possibility of Earth being destroyed.

After Glory and Rentrinquilla were teleported to Bermuda Island, Nicholas and Chris made their way over to Chris' home to better prepare themselves for what was going on. Before they got there they ran into an alien canine which they had to fight and kill to continue moving, after they did they finally reached Chris' home and this is when Nicholas acquired his P99 pistol.

Nicholas & Sage Mellow' Kander Edit

When Nicholas first meets Sage Mellow' Kander he's outside of Chris' house scouting the area. Sage crashes down in her escape pod and emerges out of the trees, asking for the location of the Universe Tournament and saying she wants to save the human race. Nicholas doesn't know why she wants to save the Earth but before he gets the chance to ask, Chris begins shooting at Sage. The bullets have no effect on Sage because before they even reach her she is able to stop them all in mid-air, forcing them to lose momentum and fall to the ground.

Sage stops bullets

Sage stops bullets in mid-air

Red Flower Arc Edit

- A few months after the Universe Tournament, a man named Boskin Adamanker comes to Earth in search of FlameThrower Glory, the being who defeated Almighty....